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Republican Starter Pack - Mailer

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Product Description

You have a staunch Democrat friend who you just have to be politically correct with, but you wanna tell them how wrong they are? Well now you can try to convert them with the Democrat Starter Pack!! Note: this is a gag gift intended for audience 18+. It is sent anonymously and does not contain an actual starter pack. Check with Fox if you really wanna know how to convert.


Select your meme card option: Shocked Drag Queen, Really Bitch?, Everyone Knows, That's Fucked Up!, Disgusted Chihuahua, Fuck off!

(Optional) Add in your personal message: Write in your personal message either keeping it anonymous or identifying yourself.

(Optional) Send a keychain for them to remember your prank forever: Select from Just One Drink, He/Him/Hole, Gay As Fuck, Fuck Off Karen, Bitch Please, or Mother of the Fucking Year and automatically get 20% off the keychain with the purchase of both a gag gift mailer and inappropriate keychain.

Make It Yours

Our prank mailers are the ultimate way to make your friends and family laugh or to get back at your frenemy or office foe.

  1. First, select the embarrassing prank label, which will be the on the outside of the metallic bubble mailer.
  2. Then, pick your meme card which will be placed inside the mailer to let your friend or foe know they’ve been pranked.
  3. Lastly, add an optional custom message*** which will be behind a scratch off reveal sticker inside the bubble mailer. Either way they are sure to be left laughing and/or embarrassed.

***All prank mailers are sent anonymously with no return label, unless you identify yourself as the sender in the custom message.